The acoustic stringed instruments in my colllection and heard on my recordings have all been made by luthier Bob Laughlin and Dennis Dorogi.


Compositions | SFX


"Little Blondies" on Laughlin blues Demo of a pair of 'Little Blondie' microphones on a 1980 Bob Laughlin acoustic 6 string using Elixer nanoweb strings. Organ is a DB-33 RTAS virtual Hammond B3 through a virtual Leslie 147. Recorded into Pro Tools at 48kHz / 24 bit and encoded into a 320 kbps. mp3 using iTunes. No audio editing was performed. Minimal automation on the Leslie speed. ITB audio processing was: 2.5 to 1 compression, slap echo and reverb in an attempt to create a live performance in a small hall.

Pottery Mouth 

The result of giving myself a creative and technical challenge of creating a complete soundscape from two samples totaling one second in length. All sounds were generated using Kyma and then transferred to Pro Tools for editing and mixing.

6's and 7s 

Improvisation for tenor mandola, also known as an octave mandolin or Irish bouzouki. Recorded on Bob Laughlin's 6th instrument of this kind shortly after receiving it. I had the good fortune of being able to compare it to his 7th made bouzouki one afternoon and preferred #6. Hence the name 6's & 7's.
Themes from a Non-Existent Slide Show An imaginary train trip with different people of different nationalities joining in a musical conversation. Influenced by Weather Report and Frank Zappa. Synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, percussion and melodic percussion.
Lullaby for Loralyn Composed for my wife Loralyn. For 6 string Acoustic guitar, Hammered dulcimer with MIDI orchestration for backing using a Roland JV1080 with the optional orchestral samples card.
Pitch tracking An electronic piece using a self compositional patch created using the Nord G2 native software. The melody is a Fender Telecaster played into Pro Tools via an API preamp, then auto tuned using Celemony Melodyne which was then output to Kyma via S/PDIF to an oscillator which is tracking the pitch of the guitar. Kyma's output was then transferred via S/PDIF back into Pro Tools. Note, the Telecaster is not directly heard, only Kyma's oscillator.
Mandola improvisation Like 6's & 7's, this was recorded shortly after receiving my new instrument. Unlike guitars which are tuned in fourths, this instrument is tuned in fifths like a violin. Just think of the bottom four strings on a guitar, E/A/D/G but flipped upside down to become G/D/A/E.
Never Alone (Intro) Solo nylon stringed guitar made by luthier Bob Laughlin. Written in 1998 and recorded on tape using a Tascam DA-88. Part of a much longer piece for multiple instruments
Kyma Wash Just a simple little soundscape created in Kyma and transferred into Pro Tools.
That Place Recorded in 1998 on a Tascam DA-88. This piece is dedicated to my late mother and father and features a 1980 6 string acoustic guitar by luthier Bob Laughlin, a 1975 hammered dulcimer by Dennis Dorogi, a 1973 Rickenbacker bass guitar and several MIDI instruments for backing. A video tribute to my father using this piece can be found here
Operating Instructions This came about by restricting myself to only using one MIDI track and one channel with only Note On & Off data plus a loop point. Using an Oberheim Xpander, a Roland MKS-80, a Kurzweil 250 and a Casio CZ-5000. Each voice was programmed to respond differently to the same performance, making it sound like multiple tracks.

The acoustic stringed instruments in my collection and heard on my recordings have all been made by luthier Bob Laughlin and Dennis Dorogi.

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